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My Poetry Muse
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Adam and Eve

Eve strolls through the garden the trees are beautiful, the water fountains are huge, flowing and fresh

She sits on a bench under the apple tree in the middle of the garden, to watch the birds and butterflies flutter by

She looks to her right to see a serpent with a forbidden apple, he explains to her the benefit of taking a bite

She eagerly declines and explain to the serpent it is not necessary for her to gain unlimited knowledge

Because she speaks to her Creator several times a day and He gives her all that her heart desires and more

She agrees to ask her husbands’ opinion because the serpent insists.

The next day Adam joined Eve on her stroll to meet the serpent and the same offer was extended to Adam

Adam graciously declines and explains that there are laws that must be obeyed to promote safety and tranquility but he’d speak to the Creator to see what He has to say

The serpent slyly slithering away, whispering “Oh, No! that’s just fine

No need to bother the Big Guy, He has enough on His Mind”

No bother, Adam said, I talk to Him all the time

The Big Guy was informed of the serpent’s request and for attempting to break the law, he was silenced and forbidden any access to the Beloved Ones

Realize We Never Left the Garden of Eden

We are merely having a nightmare

Wake up!

Laura aka ZenDiva4u

Thursday, July 21, 2011

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There may be rugged terrane ahead
There may be mountains to climb

No specific path for me to follow
I may feel as though, I’m running out of time

All I need do, is slow down, quiet my chattering mind
Listen to the winds whisper to me

My Love, You have Eternity to reach your Destiny
So slow down and enjoy the Trip!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Capturing Beauty

Capturing Beauty

I see a thing of beauty, with a different flair

I see the lines, they pull me in and I’m held captive there

Colors so vivid or so sultry soft, Water’s flowing soothing my soul

I must save this moment in time

So I pause, click

The picture is mine.

Sing to Me

When I am dead, my dearest,

Celebrate my memory

Remember the trinkets we exchanged,

As we strolled through life breezily

Set my soul free over the ocean,

And I’ll blow into eternity

As you dance the dance of the gypsies

Singing sweet melodies

I’ll look down upon your silhouettes

And send you a goodbye kiss

Gently caressing your forehead

You’ll wipe away the mist

Of ecstasy as you chase my ascending bliss

Vowing never to forget our tender moments

Picture Perfect!

In the picture she’s standing in front of a garden

Taking the trip of a lifetime with the “man of her dreams”

She smiles at the rose colored lens

She’s in the prime of her life but she does not realize it

Her only focus is the man standing behind the camera

She’s traveling to a distant place, trusting all will be ok

He’s shooting this picture with the thought of

having her exposed by the end of the night

The beautiful garden behind her represents

the beautiful growth within her

She longs to experience the sweetness of life

She’s like a bee, smelling the flowers, gathering nectar

So she can produce her own honey

Today life is sweet, the flowers are lovely and

she’s flying high, enjoying every minute of it

Hopefully when the negative is developed

She’ll remember the beauty within the print

& She does.

Mr President

A swagger so tight, and oh so fine

A smile so charming it will blow your mind

A demeanor so sweet and so divine

A power so subtle, it’s like a fine wine

A layup so smooth and a defense so swift

A strategy so profound the opponents are miffed

They call him, Mr. President

If you are ruthless enough, you may cut his lip

And cause him to pause, but he will never trip

Because he’s cool, he’s calm, he’s collected

Always on time, with a strong foundation

That’s never far behind. He built it that way.

He is the rock, upon which they stand,

They are his supporters, forever raising their hands

To cheer him on to the promise land

Because the “Dream” has become reality

And United We Stand, Divided We Will Fall

Take heed my brother and answer the call!

They call him Mr. President